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TBAF Bay State Project Develops from Take Back Our Republic Visit

TBAF Bay State Project Develops from Take Back Our Republic Visit

August 23, 2019 @ 10:18 pm
by Admin
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When Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner visited Boston in June the reception of the message that independents, moderates, and conservatives should embrace reform just as strongly as progressive groups was overwhelming.

Media coverage was swift from such outlets as the Boston Herald, Commonwealth Magazine and even the conservative radio show The Howie Carr Show.

Massachusetts-based American Promise, which will once again feature Take Back Our Republic at their annual meeting in DC, was thrilled to have the group in their home state.

The outpouring from many in the Bay State included surveying residents to find out what reforms would be popular among center-right voters in a state that has been dominated by Democratic politics. The survey also found that a huge number of voters had no party affiliation.

The specific requests in some cases went beyond the scope of what Take Back Our Republic, a 501c3, can undertake, so the Chair of the group’s sister 501c4 organization, Take Back Action Fund, signed off on a plan to have that group lead efforts in Massachusetts pending clearance from the state.

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