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TBOR Campaigns in North Dakota And Congratulates Tuesday’s (Unnamed) Alabama Winners

Take Back Our Republic congratulates all the nominees selected in the primary in our home state of Alabama tonight. We will not mention names in this post since we must be careful not to promote candidates as they enter the general election – but Executive Director John Pudner’s former employer the Alabama Farmers Federation scored a huge upset in a Lt. Governor’s primary. Ironically, the current Governor of Alabama also won an upset election for Lt. Governor when Pudner was still running the political operation at the Alabama Farmers’ Federation eight years ago.

While awkwardly avoiding the names in this post – Pudner’s nine years with the Farmers Federation set the stage for the formation of Take Back Our Republic in two ways:

1) Pudner’s first bipartisan efforts were for the Farmers’ Federation since his job was to elect the candidates endorsed by the farmers in the districts of the candidates – taking him one step closer to the non-partisan work for Take Back Our Republic after spending most of his campaign years electing only Republicans.

2) Take Back Our Republic’s push for more small donations was based in large part on the process of the Farmers’ Federation of having the grassroots farmers endorse candidates and then rely on hundreds of thousands of donations as small as $2 each to fund the mail, TV, radio and phone canvass to try to elect those candidates. They operation is now in the hands of Matthew Durdin, who was instrumental in running field efforts to elect many candidates.

Since one of Pudner’s former employees, Lewis McDonald, ran the big upset in the Lt. Governor’s race, Pudner made sure he was more than 1,500 miles away in North Dakota on Alabama’s primary day, just to make sure no one thought he was still secretly involved in any campaigns.

In North Dakota, Take Back Our Republic is allowed to campaign for the anti-corruption act we hope passes in November (we cannot campaign for candidates, but can for votes on referendums).

The photo from Tuesday night is of Pudner with North Dakota Take Back Our Republic Coordinator Elizabeth Grey Bear in front of photos of a native American and Teddy Roosevelt – with whom a connection can be claimed. Roosevelt led the reform group of New York Republicans before moving to North Dakota. Pudner is the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson of Pocahontas and Elizabeth is married to Native American Ray Grey Bear.

Expect additional updates from North Dakota, which the Take Back Our Republic Board decided to make its one election effort this Fall in addition to advocating for the support of HR1341 in the House of Representatives this Summer, and previously winning the Ohio redistricting referendum this Spring and winning the FEC opinion this past Winter. While most of our efforts are research and education, if we go 4-0 in Four Seasons that would be quite a run!

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