TBOR West Hits the Ground Running in Utah

Following the hiring of Take Back Our Republic’s Western Field Director Clark Caras, TBOR Executive Director John Pudner and GC Jacob Dean held kickoff meetings in western headquarters in Salt Lake City Tuesday.

Take Back Our Republic connected with popular podcast host and State Senator Todd Weiler, who has interviewed many of the elected officials and opinion leaders throughout the state. Senator Weiler is well versed in the complete list of possible reforms ideas and offered valuable constructive criticism on some and encouragement on others

Follow-up visits were made to Brigham Young University, Sundance, and a famous restaurant owned by the family of a TBOR team member in the Utah Valley.

On Wednesday, Pudner, Dean and Caras met with federal and state offices in Salt Lake City.

John Pudner and TBOR GC meet with Mandee Grant in Senator Romneys Office

Pudner continued his tour on Thursday as he was invited to the floor of the historic hybrid meeting of the House and Senate. This marks the first time in history lawmakers were afforded the choice to either convene in person or electronically. 

Pudner’s day continued as he met one-on-one with 12 of 29 state senators to discuss TBOR’s reforms. Sen. Curtis Bramble is sponsoring an innovative version of instant runoffs. While the proposal differs from TBOR’s model legislation, the introduction of this pivotal reform highlights the growing popularity of instant runoffs. During the meeting, Senators inquired on ballot security, the merits of each version of instant runoff and other reforms.

In two weeks, Pudner will observe the tabulation of mail-in ballots as a guest of the state’s chief election official. 

The following statement was released from the Senate floor:

“Having argued for a virtual Congress, I talked with Legislators this morning on the floor of the Utah State Senate as history was made with the first ever ‘hybrid’ Senate,” said TBOR Executive Director John Pudner from Salt Lake City. “The feeling on the floor was that the virtual on-line Senate worked well after it was allowed for the first time ever, but they were glad to convene today on the first day that participation was allowed either electronically or in person.

“On the way from the GOP caucus meeting to the floor, one Senator told me, ‘it worked well to allow virtual participation amid covid fears, but we are glad to also have the option to dialogue in person for those who can come in person.'”

“We continue to advocate for Congress to allow members to stay home to live and vote amidst their constituents rather than DC special interest groups. Even protests mean a lot more if they are by your constituents and not by professional protestors in DC.”

“The Utah legislature is leading by example and showing how a “Hybrid” Congress can work successfully. “

On Friday Pudner and Caras met with President of the Utah League of Cities and Towns Mike Mendenhall in Provo.

John Pudner (Left), Mike Mendenhall (Center) and Clark Caras (Right) at their meeting Friday afternoon in Provo

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