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TBOR’s John Pudner and Board Member Richard Painter Featured On NTV BC-Moscow

Over the weekend NTV BC-Moscow interviewed Executive Director John Pudner regarding Hunter Biden and the sale of his artwork and the 911k payments made from the University of Pennsylvania to President Biden over the last few years for a no-show Professors position. TBOR does occasionally get international news coverage and unbeknownst to TBOR staff NTV also included previous clips from Board Member Richard Painter and Advisory Board Member Peter Schweizer discussing these topics as well. A translated transcript of a portion of the interviews can be found below as well. John’s interview can be watched by clicking the screenshot below.

John Pudner political scientist: “When dad (President Joe Biden) was negotiating with the head of China, Hunter Biden signed a billion-dollar deal with one of the largest Chinese banks, and he had no experience. Now, without any experience in art, he sells paintings as if it were Picasso. What’s next? Maybe soon he will become a professional footballer? He knows nothing about all this. So this is cause for concern because his father is the current president of the United States. We hope that the Senate will be interested in what is happening. “

To smooth over the scandal, the White House promised: the paintings will be sold “behind the scenes”. No one will know the names of the buyers, as well as how much they paid for the work of the president’s son. That is, it will be impossible to influence Biden Sr. But the proposal to keep the deal under wraps has sparked even more suspicion.

Richard Painter, an ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration: “The more open these deals are, the less it will look like he’s trying to get money from people who want to get close to his father. The White House was in vain to get involved in all this, and even shrouded this sale in a veil of secrecy. The point is that if the president knows that his son has contracts with the Chinese, Ukrainians or someone else, if the White House knows this, then this means a conflict of interest. This must be stated. “

However, the Biden family seems to have a family relationship. The brother of the President of the United States James Biden, not the name of any experience in construction, at one time, received a contract from the Obama administration for one and a half-billion dollars. Had to build 100,000 homes in war-torn Iraq. History is silent about what happened to this construction. Another brother, Frank, received construction contracts in  Costa Rica and Jamaica through the White House.

Peter Schweizer, author of Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Families and Friends: Corruption is the Biden’s way of life. This is not only Hunter, and not only Frank. These are five people close to Biden. Five family members, they each have their own methods and approaches, and they circle around Biden and make money from him. “

A new scandal is about to erupt around Joe Biden himself. It turned out that the University of Pennsylvania, during the presidential campaign, wrote out the Democratic candidate $ 911,000 for teaching. But only Biden did not teach there for an hour, he was busy with the elections. But now, having become president, he nominated the head of the university, Amy Gutman, as an ambassador to Germany. In America, diplomatic posts abroad have long been openly sold for election contributions. But then the money went to Biden personally, and this is more like a bribe.

Although that is almost a million dollars when the entire presidential campaign of both candidates cost America a record 14 billion. This is twice as much as in 2016. Of this amount, about a billion dollars is the so-called “dark money”, it is impossible to establish who transferred it to the candidates. But most of them were transferred to the Biden campaign.

Republicans now want to find out where the University of Pennsylvania received its dollars from, whether there were any foreign players among the donors. And in Congress, the network is thrown even wider. There, the right is going to investigate all the financial activities of the Biden family. The documents in the archives have already been requested. True, it is not only the Bidenovs that can be investigated. According to Transparency International, the United States is now ranked 25th in the world in terms of corruption. Bypassed Uruguay, Bhutan and the United Arab Emirates. And most of all, the organization notes, corruption is ingrained in American politics.

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