Is Tom Steyer Running for President?


AUBURN, AL- We have previously written about Tom Steyer, the liberal mega-donor who is funding an effort to impeach Donald Trump, a campaign short on specifics and long on ideological preferences.

Steyer, an uber-wealthy ex-investor whose foremost issue has been the environment, contributed more money, over $91 million, to campaigns in 2016 than anyone else. In fact, he more than doubled #3 on the list.

In the HBO movie, “Does Money Talk,” which also includes Take Back Our Republic, Steyer claims he is different from the Koch Brothers because his giving is public. In fact, it took more than a year of digging to reveal that Steyer was secretly funding the entire “war on coal,” which likely lead to a huge return on investment for his alternate energy companies.

In his newest “Need to Impeach” ad, however, Steyer seems to be angling for something more than simply impeaching Trump: he seems to want his title.

The ad, which runs slightly over 60 seconds in length, does not reference current events until after 25 seconds. Steyer also places blame on, not only the president, the “Republican Congress.” His message veers drastically from a case for impeachment to a case to elect a Democrat vision for the country, preferably his.

An abuser of the campaign finance system, Steyer also made sure to weave in a narrative to boost his favorability. He tells his story by saying: ““It turned out that the system that had benefitted people like me who were well off was in fact stacked against everyone else.”

Once the viewer sees the ad, there will be very little that can be discerned regarding impeachment. That makes one thing clear: this is not an issue or movement ad.

Instead, the “Need to Impeach” effort is clearly a SuperPAC meant to be a test balloon for a potential Steyer candidacy, built on a partisan Congressional appeal the viewer could assume is intended to bring in a Democratic Congress first.

What do you think? Do you agree that this looks like a coordinated effort to fuel Steyer’s presidential ambitions? Would you be inclined to support such a campaign, or, given Steyer’s abuse of the system, would you share our concerns? Join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/takebackorg/.


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