Use “TheChisel” to Offset Big Political Money

Thank you for your support of Take Back Our Republic as we educate the public on the price we all pay for our current campaign finance system.  We are about to launch a totally new way to make your voice heard, and your active involvement is critical to its success.

Please join a totally new way to discuss and implement conservative solutions to the campaign finance system, which skews public policy outcomes and distribution of your taxpayer money to big political donors.
There is an innovative new platform to address the challenge of citizens being heard over the din of special interests,, and we are among the first organizations to use it. TheChisel offers an innovative forum where proponents from both sides of important public policy issues work together (imagine that!) to create solutions. We are building on the success of a joint book signing we recently held at the University of Chicago with the Federalist Society and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) to create a new and exciting nonpartisan policy proposal entitled “Counter Big Donor Influence with Small Donor Tax Credits.”
Do you feel that corporations, unions, and special interest groups have a disproportionate influence on our political process? Our proposal aims to recapture our Democracy by offering federal tax credits to individuals for federal political contributions.
Our proposal has been posted on, where you can ask questions, debate substance, and suggest changes until the proposal makes sense. When a majority of the participating citizens vote to send the proposal to Congress, we will work with U.S. PIRG, with the support of TheChisel, to develop support on both sides of the aisle.
Join us in this innovative way to make policy, and support our “Counter Big Donor Influence with Small Donor Tax Credits” proposal. Make your voice and your vote count by clicking here now!
Thank you again for your continued support of Take Back Our Republic as we work to make the country better for you.

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