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Uygur and Pudner Clash on Barr on Largest On-line News Network

Uygur and Pudner Clash on Barr on Largest On-line News Network

May 2, 2019 @ 4:51 am
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The week after Carolina Fox news featured him after Senator Lindsay Graham, TBOR’s Executive Director John Pudner debated Cenk Uygur on the California-based The Young Turks. The 11-minute segment ran on The Young Turks online network which draws 80 million visits a month to rival the biggest traditional networks in the country, and the Wednesday night interview can be seen by clicking here.

Pudner disagreed with Uygur’s view that Congress should now continue investigations or impeachment, and pointed to just-released CNN polling numbers indicating there was little support for such a move. According to CNN, only 37% supporting impeachment to 59% who oppose it, slightly more people approve of Attorney General Barr’s handling of the case than disapprove despite two straight weeks of harsh attacks on Barr, and finally despite the two weeks of attacks CNN reported that President Trump reached his highest favorable rating in two years. Pudner appealed to TYT viewers, the largest progressive audience in the country, not to engage in doxing or shaming of Presidential appointees or other conservatives – which Pudner views as severely harming the democratic process that should be the way to determine if President Trump leaves office or stays for another four years.

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