Victory! TBAF Request Results in Rare Bipartisan FEC Vote After Spirited Debate

Spirited FEC debate Thursday culminated in a shocking breakthrough victory for Take Back Action Fund (see Thursday’s USA Today and TV from Buffalo to Atlanta), just days after John Pudner’s hour long interviews on both national radio and the TV American Political Zone regarding the impact of campaign finance on tax reform, the military, and trade domination by China.

Click here to continue to receive our updates in 2018 as we build on this seemingly impossible victory requiring disclosure on political Facebook ads to now educate the public on other crucial matters in front of Congressional (HR1341/s1660) and the Legislators throughout the country (FixIt America Amendment).

The victory stunned almost everyone because the FEC has been unable to enforce laws due to partisan deadlocks on almost every issue including a 2011 request from Facebook, which was later caught having facilitated political interference from the Russians in US elections.

See the following excerpts from the USA Today story in no particular order, and click above for the rest click here for additional stories by USA Today’s Fredreka Schouten:

(Take Back Our Republic Executive Director and Take Back Action Fund President John) Pudner, who has become a vocal advocate for campaign-finance regulations, told commissioners he sought guidance because some political consultants “think you never need a disclaimer on a Facebook ad.”

(The FEC) … wading into the debate on social-media advertising as the government grapples with revelations about Russian use of the platforms in last year’s election … The commissioners often are bitterly divided along partisan lines, and they wrangled considerably Thursday over how to require the disclaimers on Pudner’s ads while making it clear that their views on how to regulate the digital world could diverge. (end of USA Today Quotes)

Take Back Our Republic does not participate in any electioneering, but strongly supports disclosure, particularly as one of several tools to identify and stop foreign meddling in US elections. The FEC request was filed by Take Back Action Fund, a 501c4 established by some who supported the basic reform goals of Take Back Our Republic but wanted to participate in activities that go beyond the scope of Take Back Our Republic.

Only one of 10 voting Board Members of the Take Back Our Republic Board serves on the Action Fund Board, and John Pudner records over 98 percent of his hours running Take Back Our Republic, verses less than two percent on Action Fund matters.

Pudner issued the following statement:

“Today’s watershed FEC vote to require disclaimers on future Facebook Ads presented by Take Back Action Fund is a huge victory for voters’ ‘right to know’  who is funding political attacks,” said Pudner after answering questions from the FEC Commissioners throughout the day. “While I have criticized the FEC for deadlocking rather than enforcing rules in the past, this breakthrough for a unanimous vote on disclosure should be an example to a divided government and country. The debate was spirited, but a conclusion that reached is of itself a victory and builds the foundation for further efforts.”

“To those Americans who have given up on the American system, particularly those who told us we were wasting our time trying to get a bipartisan ruling from the FEC, of Congress to address money in politics, or passing the FixIt America Amendment, please take heart from this first of three “impossible” wins and join our effort.” – John Pudner after breakthrough FEC vote for disclosure on planned political ads on Facebook

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