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Volunteer Noah Durham Shares his Thoughts on Take Back Our Republic

Noah Durham photoMy name is Noah Durham.  I’m an Auburn resident and volunteer at Take Back Our Republic.  From packaging letters, entering in data, and countless phone calls, I have learned that participation in the American political system is the only way to ensure that power is returned to the people.

Most days I spend my time on the phone, inviting people to come to our events or just calling simply to chat about Take Back. It is always exciting when people are interested in attending our events. This further sparks conversation of conservative solutions to campaign finance reform and I have learned that these conversations yield change. Some people openly express their various political opinions and conspiracy theories. Many are passionate about their beliefs and will give their raw unfiltered opinions on any topic. Those conversations are the ones I enjoy the most.

The difficult conversations are the individuals that do not seem to care about fixing the political system. I have been very fortunate to receive very few “hang up” responses throughout the course of the calls. One individual angrily remarked, “I’m in the wrong party” before hanging up, as if to suggest we were affiliated with “the right party.”  

What that person did not know is that Take Back Our Republic is not affiliated with any party and that campaign finance is an American issue, not a party issue. That particular conversation made me realize how essential phone calls are in educating individuals that may not know of certain corruptions in our American political and financial systems. Take Back Our Republic has educated me on many aspects of America’s political world.

Before working at TBOR, I was fairly self-informed about the political world via various news outlets. I had heard of different examples of political corruptness like the escalating campaign contributions by large corporations but was not aware of how negatively those contributions are affecting the average person in America. These swaying contributions take away the voice of the people and contribute to voter apathy.  

Take Back Our Republic has educated me on many issues that exist with today’s political system and I look forward to continuing to work to bring the voice back to the people in order to preserve and strengthen our liberty.        

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