Weekly Standard Lauds TAKE BACK as ‚Revolutionary: My 1st Ever Visit to Casino & Democratic Convention

TheWeekly Standard, on most everyone_s list of top 10 conservative sites, lauded the idea of tax credits for small political contributions as _revolutionary._ That news came as we had more than a half dozen meetings the past three days in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin _ including two places I would never have visited before taking this position.


As a 501c3,www.takeback.orgis a non-partisan group that seeks to share educational materials on issues like the tax credit. No state has been more partisan than Wisconsin in recent elections, so we were happy when Camille Solberg (far left in photo) of Senator Ron Johnson_s office was one of the attendees of the first Wisconsin Take Back Our Republic meeting at Rolling Meadows Restaurant in Fon du LacFriday. State coordinator Jim Smyczek is sitting next to me to the far right.

Admittedly the non-partisan hat is new to me after decades of running conservative political campaigns. Having fought gambling over the years and never even bought a lottery ticket, I took my first ever walk through a Milwaukee casino (without my wallet coming out once) to get to my first ever Democratic State Convention. Unlike the Republican convention a couple of weeks ago, I was having trouble finding literature or people (though all very nice) with whom I personally agreed on their issues as I traded my Take Back brochure for their materials.

Finally I arrived at the Wisconsin Grassroots Network table right by a table supporting Bernie Sanders for President and finally found a piece of literature with which I completely agreed _ the US Constitution.

My several meetings throughout Wisconsinon Fridaycapped a three-day swing that included multiple meetings in Michigan (Wednesday) and Minnesota (Thursday). A special thanks to Jim Smyczek for coordinating Wisconsin, and Marcia Stromgren for coordinating Minnesota, where we hope to add both a St. Paul and a Minneapolis coordinator soon. Please see our Facebook page for the picture of Marcia and I in front of the incredible 180-foot tall Aerial Lift Bridge completed in 1905 to serve the world_s largest fresh water port in Duluth.


I noted in a recent post atwww.breitbart.comthat Minnesota is the only state with fewer than two D1 college basketball teams BUT more than two Members of Congress. That is partly because winter in Minnesota is HOCKEY time and Minnesota Duluth is one of several college hockey powers in the state.

As you will see from the Facebook post, Marcia instilled her conservative values while home schooling her children and as an elected official who has been a strong defender of the Constitution and opponent of common core and tax increases. As our Wisconsin coordinator, Jim Smyczek shares some background with me as one of eight children (I was one of nine) from a large Catholic family. While Jim has been politically involved in the past _ knocking on doors for Scott Walker and others and with a brother who has worked for two Republican Attorneys General _ he focuses most of his time on the very successful family manufacturing business and shares our concern about foreign companies flooding money into upcoming elections.

I appreciate all of your support. If you want to help start a state chapter please or know of local press interested in what we are doing, please go towww.takeback.organd/or emailjustinh@takeback.organdericy@takeback.org. If you know of people who are interested in contributing please direct them towww.takeback.organd/or emaildiane.cullo@takeback.organdalexise@takeback.org. We have filed to fundraise as a 501c3 in all 50 states, and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and you can request the related paperwork frombeatricet@takeback.org.

Sorry for the super long update _ we have just had a lot happen in the last three days and hope you will help us accomplish even more in whatever way you can support our efforts to find conservative solutions to the dual threat to our Republic of potential massive foreign political contributions and more and more discouraged citizens no longer participating.

Please encourage others to go towww.takeback.organd enter their email and zip code in the top right corner so they are alerted when we plan something in their state.

Thank you!

John Pudner, Executive Director
Take Back Our Republic

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