Westwood One Radio: TBOR Executive Director Addresses Cancel Culture and Politics

Yesterday, TBOR Executive Director John Pudner was featured on the Jim Bohannon Show to discuss the political reform issues that are necessary to unite America. Jim Bohannon is an American broadcaster who has worked in both television and radio. He is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated late-night radio talk show The Jim Bohannon Show on the Westwood One Network. Bohannon was voted one of “The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” for three consecutive years by Talkers magazine. “Our political system gives the extremes too much of a say-so. We’re very often given the choice between an off-the-wall, right-wing whacko, or some left-wing idiot. The result is that the sensible center – where things actually get done in this country – winds up having to choose from the ‘evil of two lessers.” -Jim Bohannon

Jim Bohannon: “This notion of reaching out and unity..that requires more than just the president being involved or even the necessary leadership on capitol hill of the two parties there is, of course, a hard-right element in the Republican party and a hard-left element in the democratic party and they aren’t particularly interested in reaching out and in unity and in healing. The extent to which the fringes of either party are going to be in a position to say no you don’t.”  

On his Wednesday night show on Westwood One (7,300 stations nationwide), Jim Bohannon asking John Pudner if the hard-right Republican element and the hard-left Democratic element even want to reach out, Pudner responded:

You hit the central question, … “Does it ever make sense to reach across the aisle?” And I think a lot of people would say no . (Obviously I do because) I formed a non-partisan organization (after running conservative Republican campaigns for year). I will quote a friend, Grover Norquist, that I think it sums up a feeling. He said tongue and cheek, ‘You (must) remember liberals aren’t stupid, they’re evil.” I do not agree with that in a lot of cases, BUT I think a big section (on both sides of the spectrum) does. (For them) everything that is done has to be a net sum zero. 

(For example), sometimes conservatives will say, “I’m not talking about any money in politics issues or anything like Instant Runoff because someone on the left said that they wanted it.” And that is where the discussion stops, but I do think there are win-wins out there and I hope we can move towards….” 

The reason that we wanted to set up (Take Back Our Republic) is that I think there are some win-win issues out there. I mentioned this idea of an Instant Runoff/Final Five (that requires the ultimate winner to receive) 50 percent +1. (Just the fact that) some liberals (proposed) “Ranked Choice Voting,” some conservatives say, “ Okay I am against it. “ (That is not a good reason for conservatives to oppose instant runoff), because you just start doing the math and (the number of votes Republicans lose to Libertarians and Solidarity pro-life candidates in Wisconsin, (and realize the lack of instant runoffs) is why Trump (loses) 2 percent. (Final 5/Instant Runoff) really makes sense across the aisle because, (as you have said in the past), it can eliminate the wackos on both sides and it can get you to a good candidate and someone who is willing to work together. 

Likewise, some of this money in politics issues (were understandably opposed by Republicans) from the 2010 Citizens United decision to 2016 while conservatives had an edge in money and could simply say, “Let’s not have any rules. (But in 2018 the liberal money passed the conservative money and by 2020 the Democrats edge was) $10 billion to $5 billion, so we need to look at the way that Act Blue moves money around. Listen to the entire hour-long interview here. For the shorter section of the interview referenced above, click below.

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