Which Fourth of July?

HARRISBURG, PA – Happy Independence Day from Take Back Our Republic! Today take your cue from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. They agreed 240 years ago today to sign the Declaration of Independence throwing off foreign control, then fought bitterly on virtually every issue for 50 years…until, amazingly, they both passed away on the 50th anniversary of their fateful agreement.  


This Mental Floss post points out that the two inaugurated negative campaigning: Jefferson attacked Adams as having “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” In return, Adams’ men called Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.”


And yet they first worked together to unite 13 disparate colonies, including four now governed by State Capitols I have visited in the past few days (see photos of Pennsylvania State Capitol below, the Massachusetts Capitol on our Twitter account, and Virginia and North Carolina Capitols on our Facebook account).


Is 2016 the year that their work, and that of the other Founding Fathers – our Republican form of government itself – is finally going to unravel?


Our name, “Take Back Our Republic,” was chosen because the Republic established 240 years ago by improbable allies like Adams and Jefferson is in the midst of a crisis and must be taken back. Are you unconcerned that the very kind of foreign control that the Signers declared unacceptable is reasserting itself?  Do you doubt that democracy itself is under assault?


If so, if you believe our Republican form of government is working as well as our Founding Fathers intended, then please turn your attention entirely to the cookouts, parades and fireworks that exemplify the many great ways of celebrating our Founding Fathers’ heroic proclamation of July 4, 1776.


However, if you are aghast at how far American politics has fallen short of their vision, at how our government willingly submits itself to the influence of foreign interests by welcoming political contributions from overseas, take just a minute from family and community festivities to visit www.takeback.org and join our crucial effort to take back the representative democracy whose institution we commemorate today.


When you read about the influx of foreign and other illicit big dollars pushing and pulling against the will of the average citizen, you will likely agree that it must stop.  But you may not feel that stopping it is your top political priority.  


But let me say this: unless your top political priority happens to correspond to the priorities of the foreign and illicit big money players, you will never see it happen.  You will never see it, that is, unless we can eliminate the undue influence of those overseas and under-the-radar money sources.  So your top priority, whatever it may be, depends on helping us educate the public on the importance of measures like HR 4177, which has moved very quickly and now has just 11 days to get a vote before the Congressional recess (see details here).


We hit this July 4 after a week in which one Presidential candidate was confronted for soliciting foreign contributions, and a SuperPAC of the opponent was caught collecting $200,000 in government contractor money that had to be returned.  The same week I outlined for Bill Moyers & Company how easy it is to get foreign money into campaigns. (correction: the original post/email incorrectly stated “collecting $200,000 in foreign,” rather than government contractor money, which is also illegal)


In the face of this kind of extravagant political giving, do you think the recipients will care what you and your friends think about stopping terrorism, improving jobs beyond the few elite, the judicial and executive edicts on abortion or bathroom security?  Do you think they will pause long enough between depositing checks to discuss your thoughts regarding whether a gun ban or more concealed weapon permits will result in fewer victims of violence?


In some ways our disagreements are more virulent than even the disagreements between Adams and Jefferson in the half century spanning the original July 4 and the July 4 of their deaths.  But the disagreements of our time can be largely glossed over in favor of whatever the big check-writers want.


The quick movement of HR 4177, as well as a just-completed poll showing campaign finance reform moving ahead of even education among key Independent voters, proves that the typical American is no more a fan of foreign control than Adams and Jefferson were.  It also gives us a small (11 days) but critical window to raise $12,200 to expand our state chapters before Members of Congress come back to their districts to “take the pulse.” Let’s make sure our Representatives and Senators hear the pulse of Adams and Jefferson on July 4, 1776…and not their pulse on July 4, 1826.  Join us at takeback.org, and donate today.


My arrival at the Pennsylvania State Capitol marked four State Capitols in less than a week (the second photo is from my stop last night a few miles away from the Capitol to join hundreds celebrating our independence with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra near the US Army War College in Carlisle).  The crowd rose to its feet for not only the Star Spangled Banner, but also the anthems of all branches of the military.




John Pudner, Executive Director2armywarcollege

P.S. Your crucial contribution on this one of the most important July 4ths is fully tax deductible and will be used for our general efforts to educate and grow state chapters. We are a non-profit registered to raise funds in all 50 states (click here for state-by-state legal information).

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