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Wisconsin Tour Results in Support of Final-Five Voting

Take Back Our Republic Wisconsin Coordinators from Eau Claire to Fond du Lac toured Wisconsin on a listening tour this week. The trip started in the Milwaukee area, swung through the State Capitol in Madison, and ended near De Pere. 

A new reform issue that arose from this tour and calls into the state leading up to the tour was a proposal for Final-Five Voting (FFV): a top 5 primary followed by an instant runoff election to determine Wisconsin Congressional races. The Take Back team reviewed coverage of the topic in this story on all-Wisconsin News Spectrum Channel, another station and the state’s largest newspaper.

State Coordinators are volunteers and include an executive with a successful family business in Milwaukee that produces a key component for Covid-19 vaccines whose only involvement in politics is knocking on doors for candidates going back to George W. Bush, to a coordinator of phone banking and door-to-door for candidates from Rand Paul to President Trump, to a former field organizer for US Senator Ron Johnson who served on the Board of Take Back Our Republic. The Executive Director ran Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald’s upset win at the 2012 Wisconsin GOP Convention.

All agreed the Final Five Voting proposal would reduce the nastiness of political campaigns, and prevent spoiler candidates funded simply to split the vote and let the other party win with a candidate getting much less than 50 percent of the vote. The Take Back staff committed to facilitate communications to Take Back Membership throughout the state and advocacy for the measure. Photos of the TBOR team touring Wisconsin follow.

De Pere – from left to right: Northern Wisconsin Coordinator Jim Smyczek of Fon du lac, Executive Director John Pudner, West Wisconsin Coordinator Josh Naponiello, and Communications Director Noah Durham. 

Green Bay from left to right from previous tour – Pudner, Camille Solberg, aWisconsin Take Back Board member before Trump Administration Appointment, and Bart Starr Jr.

State Capitol – Durham and Smyczek.

Milwaukee – Anthony Dabruzzi of the statewide Wisconsin Spectrum TV Channel interviewing Pudner at the conclusion of the tour.

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